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A piggy bank is still one of the most important parts of a young childhood. It’s an opportunity for parents to teach kids about saving money, having patience, being responsible, and working hard to reach their goals. But it should also be fun and make kids realize that it’s OK to express yourself and be creative at the same time.

1. Forest Decor Cute Kid’s Piggy Bank

Forest Decor Cute Kid’s Piggy Bank
Forest Decor
A truly vintage piece to help kids collect, store, and protect their money, this cool piggy bank is handcrafted from genuine wood to give them something that’s both fun and functional.
Promising Buyer Review: HJK (Verified Purchase)

Superbly made! This little piggy is so well crafted. It sits perfect – legs are of equal length and fit so it does not wobble. The craftsmanship is spot on. There are no nicks or scratches or marks of any kind. The “rear” of the piggy opens which is pretty neat because it has a little “twist” to secure it back on. The ears are symmetrical and made of a super soft leather. Overall I am super happy with this. I gave it to my husband for Valentine’s day and he loved it. High quality product with a sweet piggy face to top it off. Love it.

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2. Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar
Digital counting coin bank, ABS material, harder to break than glass or ceramic money boxes. Clear LCD screen helps count your coins, accurate displaying the total for every deposit. Large capacity up to 1. 8L can storage 800-1000 coins.
Promising Buyer Review: KLQ (Verified Purchase)

Counting jar Bought this for my daughter who’s learning to count coins. This is a good motivation. She collects coins give me an answer and we check if she did right. She’s been playing with it since then. It’s educational and entertaining too. Accurate counting jar. Happy with the purchase

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3. Moonjar Classic Save Spend Share 3-Part Tin Moneybox Bank

Moonjar Classic Save Spend Share 3-Part Tin Moneybox Bank
This durable tin 3 in 1 moneybox is a timeless gift that will inspire and teach children to save, spend, and share wisely for a lifetime. A great allowance tool too. Moonjar moneyboxes were created as a tool for children and families to incorporate strong financial values and practices into their daily lives.
Promising Buyer Review: Familyofboys (Verified Purchase)

Fun colors,fun shape and Educational:) Super cute and educational. The passbook got my son into deeper conversations about banks , deposits and withdrawals! He read the book pictured for more information and is super excited. I bought this book mainly to teach him about charity this Ramadan. During this holy month , Muslims give charity almost everyday. Thanks for a good quality, affordable money jar that isn’t cheaply made.

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4. Cute Pig Piggy Bank, Lovely Pig Bank Toy Coin Bank

Cute Pig Piggy Bank,Lovely Pig Bank Toy Coin Bank
It’s designed like a cute humming pig with rotating nose, the cute design encourages and makes young ones want to start saving and feed the little Pig.
Promising Buyer Review: 4fam (Verified Purchase)

Great piggy bank I love this piggy bank! I am so happy I found it. I bought two others, but had to return them. This one is great. Not too big, the plastic isn’t too hard, and easy to get out money. A big thing is that it’s not super hard plastic. Also, I bought a few other piggy banks, and it was impossible for my son to turn the bottom circle to get the money out. This one is great, because you remove the snout. It’s easy for my child to put on and take off. He constantly is putting in and taking out his money to count (over and over). I love that he can do this easily.

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5. DomeStar Cute Dog Bank, Shiba Inu Coin Bank

DomeStar Cute Dog Bank, Shiba Inu Coin Bank
Adorable Saving Bank is made of a high-quality soft plastic, light weight and sturdy so a kid could probably play with it in addition to using it as a bank.
Promising Buyer Review: Becca (Verified Purchase)

Cutest ‘Piggy’ Bank Ever! This is a great gift for anyone who loves shiba inus!! It is adorable and sturdy! The money can be accessed by twisting the shiba’s head to the side and pulling up. The collar is removable and works just like an actual collar (can be adjusted around the neck of the bank if desired). It is a little bit bigger than my hand, and it stands very nicely. Along with the piggy bank, one Rainbow Town’s cute business cards was included as well as a small, plastic package opener with their logo, which will definitely come in handy in the future!

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6. YSLON Cute Kitten Piggy Banks for Kids

YSLON Cute Kitten Piggy Banks for Kids
The cute Kitten shape design is not only a practical piggy bank but also a very cute desktop decoration. High-quality Resin and Non-toxic Pigments production, Safe, Non-toxic, Non-pungent odor.
Promising Buyer Review: Lucy (Verified Purchase)

Big space to store coins. Big space to store the coins! I love the white-black cat! The most useful point is that it can store the coins and at the same time it decorate my bookshelf. Really recommend!

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7. HUSAN Mini ATM Piggy Banks

HUSAN Mini ATM Piggy Banks for Kids
High quality and premium ABS. Safe simulation design. Great Christmas gift for children, great birthday gift for kids. Can store 600 pieces of Coins or 100 pieces of paper money
Promising Buyer Review: SMTWNGal (Verified Purchase)

Highly recommend it! I absolutely love this money safe that serves multiple purposes. It’s serves as decor, putting all loose change to lessen the weight of my purse, fun way to teach to save money, and I love it! The safe arrive as it appears on the picture and to my surprise it’s a good size piggy bank! I love that it came with a screw driver to open the bottom to insert your own batteries

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8. iefoah Ceramic Pineapples Shape Piggy Banks for Kids

iefoah Ceramic Pineapples Shape Piggy Bank
Putting the pineapple piggy bank in your kid’s room can décor bedroom and desk,this pineapple theme accessories can create a warm atmosphere,you can enjoy and relax yourself in the pineapple themed room.
Promising Buyer Review: AmyL (Verified Purchase)

Lovely, great quality and super cute. Some say this product is good for kids, but I actually think it is a great gift for any age because it doubles as an ornament and does not look cheap or childish. I bought the one that is white with gold top, and my sister absolutely loves it. You just pop the bottom out to get the coins. I would totally buy this again for someone else.

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