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Today, we’re going to talk all about high chairs and what you should be considered when you buy it both from a practical as well as a developmental point of views. Typically, we’re talking all about high chairs and usually, when you think about what we want in a high chair we’re thinking practical considerations so is it

1. Easy to clean?
2. Fits in your space?
3. Is it collapsible?

Those are obviously very important considerations but we want parents also to consider some other things that you’re looking at by nature and that is everything that we want to look at from a developmental point of view and looking at these things can help to improve how your child is willing to eat at the table how comfortable they are.

When we’re talking about their whole relationship with food and how they feel at the table so I have five high chairs here that I’m going to show you and walk you through the pros and the cons of each of them.

Stokke High Chair With Footrest Review

Tripp Trapp by Stokke Adjustable Wooden Storm Grey Baby High Chair (Includes Baby Seat with Harness)

Stokke high chair and this is really what I consider the gold standard of high chairs so part of that is because it has a fully adjustable footrest. When you have a six-month-old when you’re first starting you definitely want the footrest to be where their foot can be at 90° degrees while resting on it and that’s important because think about it from an adult perspective so if you were sitting on a bar chair and so your feet can’t touch the ground and they’re just hanging you are always gonna be seeking stability so you’re gonna be crossing your feet at the ankle you’re gonna be pushing them up against the bar you’re gonna be doing whatever you can to seek stability in your chair and your baby is going to be doing exactly the same thing.

If they don’t have a footrest and then they’re distracted and they’re not able to eat as well as you would want them to be able to so it’s really it cannot stress enough how important it is to get a footrest and it does not matter if you’re doing baby-led weaning purées anything like that all babies it’s really important to give them a footrest.

Is Stokke High Chair Worth It?

Stokke is certainly a little bit more expensive than a lot of high chairs but they actually quite competitive with some of the other high chairs that have full of the features that are important for feeding. Check the price of Stokke High Chair Amazon


Svan High Chair With Footrest Review

Svan is the slightly cheaper version of a Stokke so it’s still wood it’s still fully adjustable there are several things that it’s lacking a little bit that isn’t quite as great as the Stokke but it’s still a great option. Svan is a fully adjustable high chair with footrest you can move up and down to 90 degrees. You can also adjust ninety degrees at the hips and the knees so that’s what we’re looking for from a fully adjustable high chair and most of the kind of traditional ones that you see here in the states they’re not adjustable at all you’re gonna find your babysitting back not having knees bent not at 90 degrees for all of those areas and those are important.

From a comfort perspective and reducing all distractions for eating so this one’s got the footrest which is our number one requirement in our mind. The only thing Stokke doesn’t have is that you want your baby’s hips to be pointed forward so this has a bit of a big sitting area so it is a little bit easier you can see even in this smaller stuffy you can see how much they can move around so imagine your baby starts to get bigger nine or ten months pull the foot up tries to climb out all sorts of that kind of thing so that is one of the downfalls of this again.

There are several ways that you can modify it but it needs to be modified if you have one of those babies that like to climb and isn’t feeling quite as secure in this one now the one big downfall to this that a lot of parents will say is you can see on the front that has these bolts with allen wrench heads and it has it also on the footrest so that’s where you adjust it and a many people say that after using it for a little bit the food hits take in it and it’s almost impossible to use the allen wrench to adjust so that’s a bit of a negative big con. There but it’s only one the consideration we maybe tape over it there are lots of things that we could do to modify that but it is just something to keep in mind, and this is a good option because it has everything that you need and it is a little bit cheaper than the Stokke a lot of times and it goes on sale. Check the price of Svan High Chair on Amazon

Ikea’s ANTILOP High Chair

Ikea's ANTILOP Highchair with safety belt, white, silver color and ANTILOP Highchair tray, white
IKEA ANTILOP high chair and the greatest thing that this chair has going for it is that it’s $20 at least here in the states so it is significantly cheaper than the other chairs above but that cheapness also comes with a few cons. No footrest for this high chair so that as a permanent full high chair your child’s number one chair that they use at the table we would not recommend it mainly because there is no footrest again that like we were saying with the other ones you could modify this so if you’re able to modify it to put a chair under it boxes anything like that to give it a footrest then it would be a consideration.

As a long time high chair with no footrest we would strongly recommend against it. This is easily collapsible so we have this high chair in our house that we take to my parent’s house we taking this to trips like campaign anything like that because these legs completely come off so then it’s just the plastic part to carry with you so that is a great option and we don’t think it’s a bad thing to not have a footrest for an occasional meal your kid is gonna be totally fine we just don’t recommend it as their primary chair the other thing to keep in mind that this one is just like with this bond baby can move around a lot we will say that from our experience. It’s cheap but that definitely has some disadvantages that have been a compromise your babies eating ability because they’re gonna be distracted and uncomfortable and those are important things. Check the price of IKEA ANTILOP on Amazon


We cannot stress enough how important it is that we get our kids feeling comfortable and minimize all distractions. Footrests and secure sitting areas are for your child to keep their hips pointed forward to make them feel very secure so the Stokke High Chair With Footrest is again our number one choice if you can it all afford it we highly recommend it. We have never heard of anyone regretting their purchase.

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