This post was last updated on July 6th, 2020

In this article, we will be sharing the four types of parenting styles and the effect of each of these on your child.“Train your child the way you ought to and you will comfortably take the back seat in the nearest future as you watch him grow.” This is a simple truth that every parent that wants the best for their child shouldn’t be ignorant of.

Parenting a child can be quite difficult in this modern era of ours. With the increasing level of social pressure, social vices, and ever available trends in the world, getting a Child in line with what you want as a parent can be quite difficult.

Irrespective of these challenges, some parents are still getting it right, which makes parenting not just a possibility but an assurance if you know what those parents know about parenting. Do you wish to know the type of parenting that can guarantee your success as a parent?

1. Authoritarian Parenting Styles

If you are the type that don’t like to listen to what your child has to say, then you are obviously practising the authoritative way of parenting a child. An authoritarian parent believes that a child should follow the laydown rules without exception or any objections. In this style of parenting, the child in question is punished rather than disciplined.

This might seem to be the best way to handle repulsive children. But in the real sense of it, children subjected to this style of parenting have a high risk of developing low self-esteem, become hostile or aggressive to other children, and develop exceptional lieing skills to get themselves out of trouble

2. Authoritative Parenting Styles

This might seem to be quite similar to the parenting style shared above, but it isn’t. Here, the parents enforce certain rules, attach consequences to break each of the rules, and consider the feelings of the child in question at all times. These simple parenting styles make it clear to the child that the adults are the ones in charge.

Also, this authoritative parenting style encourages the investment of both time and energy to help prevent a child’s behavioural problems beforehand. To complement good behaviour, Authoritative Parents give the child with rewards and gifts.

When it comes to the effects, research has it that children that goes through this parenting style have a high tendency of becoming responsible, happy, good at decision-making, and well-mannered adults in the Society.

3. Permissive Parenting Styles

This parenting style clearly supports little or no interference from the parents in training the Child. The parents in this category are considered as being lenient and the only time they are allowed to interfere is when there is a serious problem at hand. Here, the children are forgiven easily when they ask for forgiveness.

The best part about this parenting style is that it encourages children to share their problems with their parents without leaving anything behind out of fear of becoming been punished. However, there is a high tendency that the child will struggle academically, develop low self-esteem, and have a series of health problems.

4. Uninvolved

This parenting style involves the total negligence of the child, allowing them to do whatever pleases them. Also, it doesn’t take account of their behaviours. The major effect of this type of parenting is that the child involved is definitely going to constitute a nuisance in society.